• Wuxi Smart News
  • 6/6


    The company was listed on Shenzhen stock exchange on June 5th

           On June 5, 2017, Wuxi Smart auto-control engineering co., ltd landed on Shenzhen stock exchange. Shares is referred to as "Smart control", and stock code is 002877. Wuxi city vice mayor Huang Qin, city secretary general Wang Wei, the new Wu district leader Feng Xiaochun and chairman of Wuxi Smart rang the bell together. This is the sixth case of Wuxi, and also the first company listed in A-share market of Wuxi high and new technology development zone in Wuxi city this year.

  • 1/18


    The company awarded ISO10012:2003 measurement management system certification

            On site audit for the GB/T19022-2003 IDT ISO10012:2003 measurement management system certification was conducted in Wuxi on January 7 to 8, 2017. This on site audit was organized by Beijing national standard united certification co., Ltd.  

            Certificate awarded on January 17 after a smooth site audit. This certificate of the system will play a safeguard roles for the metering management of the product quality, management, environmental monitoring, safety protection and the energy management, as well as foundation for the measuring management. 

  • 10/20


    Reexamination of the standardization of production safety

            Company was awarded level 3 certificate of safety standardization for three years. According to the regulation, external audit will be made this year. 

            Internal self-examination was conducted in September, and the rectification of nonconformities was made and reported to the new Wu district safe production supervision organization. Local safety supervisors come to the company for the review On October 18. This site activities include identification of hazards, risk control, the management of security screening, the condition of the occupational health management, etc. The review of the work was completed within one working day.

  • 10/18


    CNPC suppliers’ inspection group visit

            CNPC suppliers’ inspection group visited the company on October 17, 2016. In July this year the company participated in the new supplier qualification bid, and after material review stage, we become one of the eight control valve products suppliers with six products ranking no.1 and two products ranking no.2. 

            This site qualification audit is mainly on the review of the tender documents, the original contract, verification of the company's manufacturing capacity, bidding product inspection, communication with heads of sales department, research and development department, technology department, production department, quality department was made.

  • 9/28


    Zhongtianhechuang coal chemical plant start-up

            On September 23, 2016, Zhongtianhechuang energy co., ltd coal chemical project methanol plant at Erdos started up. The plant run smoothly after successful commissioning. Wuxi Smart was chosen as main supplier for the control valves of the project.

            Erdos coal chemical project was jointly developed by Sinopec, China Coal and Manshi, the project includes the construction of 25 million tons/year of coal, 3.6 million tons/year methanol (middle), 1.3 million tons/year olefins, as well as other supporting facilities. Our company won the bid for the control valve, providing single-seat valve, caged valve, butterfly valve, ball valve, angle valve, eccentric rotary valve, a total of 740 sets. Most of the project plants as MTO and olefin are in commissioning stage.

            Recently, the company won the bid again for the service of the valve maintenance next 3 years.

  • 7/21


    Sinopec expert group exchange and inspection with the company

            On July 20, 2016, Sinopec expert group visited Wuxi Smart. The main purpose of the visit was to exchange and investigation on the control valve localization technology and application solutions. They inspected the company's production base, science and technology center, some alternative control valve technology discussed in-depth. Enterprise independent research and development of the technologies was encouraged with confidence, and this will promote enterprise technology progress.

  • 6/6


    WINNER Control valves of Wuxi SMART Won the Wuxi 2015 Annual Name Brand Products

            At the end of 2015, Wuxi SMART declared the Wuxi 2015 Annual Name Brand Products. Audited by the governing department, and reviewed by the expert group, WINNER Control valves of Wuxi SMART Won the Wuxi 2015 Annual Name Brand Products.

  • 5/30


    Wuxi SMART was appraised as the large taxpayer by JiangXi Street of XinWu District

            In February, 2016, leaders of JiangXi Street of XinWu District had a special trip to Wuxi SMART to award a cup called as the large taxpayer in JiangXi Street, XinWu District during 2014-2015  and investigated the business situation of Wuxi SMART.