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Zhongtianhechuang coal chemical plant start-up

Release Date:September 28, 2016    Browse 0 

        On September 23, 2016, Zhongtianhechuang energy co., ltd coal chemical project methanol plant at Erdos started up. The plant run smoothly after successful commissioning. Wuxi Smart was chosen as main supplier for the control valves of the project.

        Erdos coal chemical project was jointly developed by Sinopec, China Coal and Manshi, the project includes the construction of 25 million tons/year of coal, 3.6 million tons/year methanol (middle), 1.3 million tons/year olefins, as well as other supporting facilities. Our company won the bid for the control valve, providing single-seat valve, caged valve, butterfly valve, ball valve, angle valve, eccentric rotary valve, a total of 740 sets. Most of the project plants as MTO and olefin are in commissioning stage.

        Recently, the company won the bid again for the service of the valve maintenance next 3 years.